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You have a profile, but you have questions like...

How do I get more visitors to my profile?

Your content isn't generating profile visits — why is that? People might not know what to expect from you, but expectations must be clear.

How do I include my personality?

Social media makes it feel like you must constantly push your expertise or projects. But your profile is the first place people will get to know you — personality means a lot to people.

How do I show my uniqueness in under 160 characters?

It's one thing to understand your core topics. It's a whole other challenge to write a bio that works within the limits. How do I sum up who I am in so few words?

160 characters = Twitter's Bio Limit

Next Step After Your Profile Audit: Meeting

Ian & John meeting after his profile audit!

This is for you if...

You want to start your inbound marketing journey — where leads automatically come to YOU instead of you having to look for them.

You want to take the first step to build a personal brand that is about YOU and YOUR connection with your people.

You want to start the journey of making money doing what YOU love rather than just following a paycheque — be part of the purpose movement!

What's Included?

Async Profile Audit
I'll provide a form for you to submit your profile, provide a background of your journey so far, your challenges, and what you specifically need help on (bio, banner, etc.).

Video & Action Steps
I'll review your submission and create a video sharing my feedback. Plus, I'll put together a summary document of the action steps.

After two weeks, I'll follow up with you to see how you're faring with the next steps.

Review My Profile!

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"If you're a creator looking to nail down your online presence, shoot Ian a DM. You won't be disappointed!"

Online writer who generated a following using his profile

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"Ian helped me to rethink my Twitter profile and target audience, and to improve my Twitter bio. I can highly recommend him to anyone who desires more clarity and a better profile."

AI Consultant starting to build a business online

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A Word From Your Coach

As a fellow entrepreneur, I know how confusing and overwhelming it can be to connect with your customer(s). With 6 years of branding knowledge, I want to guide you to creating an authentic and memorable online perception, one step at a time.

Build in Public, Design Thinking, Social Psychology, and Human-to-Human Connection (Empathy) are the backbone of my coaching. I want to help you promote your work authentically without feeling icky!

Ian Efford | Brand Strategist

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Why put off investing in your name and building a profitable, humanistic side hustle? Submit your profile, and we can start the first step together.

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